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Some family members led interesting lives. Here are some of their stories.


What was it like to be a sailor in the Royal Navy at the beginning of the century? And what was it like to be on board a Battle Cruiser during the First World War?

 This is the story of William Prince's naval career.



How did a boy born in Weymouth in 1849 win a rare medal, and spend time chasing Arab slave traders in the Indian Ocean?

Find out by reading William George Orchard's story.





Read the personal story of one of Churchill's 'Few', a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot.

This section records the RAF career of Harold Orchard.



Did the picturesque North Devon village of Clovelly really have royalty living there? Or was Prince just a family name?

Find out by reading about The Princes of Clovelly.



 Why did a man with a family and a thriving business suddenly decide to join the army in 1915?

Find out about the horrors of the Battle of the Somme by reading about James Austin Brown and the Tyneside Scottish Brigade.


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